Jack Fisher 

In 2002, at age 80, Jack Fisher completed more commercial real estate transactions than any other real estate agent in the metro New Orleans area. With a total of 64 completed transactions in 2002, Jack shattered the national average.

Sales is traditionally considered to be a young person’s game — the hours are so long, the business is so stressful, the competition so intense that only the young have the stamina to keep up. But Jack Fisher continues to close more deals in commercial real estate year after year. Through his 41 years of real estate experience, Mr. Fisher has developed the ability to recognize opportunities that often are not obvious to those with less patience and experience — a quality that has enabled him to outperform agents less than half his age.

Jack Fisher has a legendary reputation for his seemingly endless energy. In fact, the New Orleans Metropolitan Association of Realtors awarded the Energizer Bunny Award to Mr. Fisher in 2002 for the most commercial transactions during the previous year. He also won this award in 2001. And in 2000. And in 1999. And in 1998.

Believing that at some point in time everyone is touched by real estate either personally or professionally, he has not always pursued the biggest possible deal. He has instead focused on building relationships. Through his commitment and dedication to our community, he has gained the respect and admiration of his peers. And the trust of his customers.

So the next time you contemplate that you are “getting too old” for something, think about Jack Fisher. Let his success serve as your motivation to raise the bar. Mr. Jack Fisher – your game three Tenet Choices Champion.

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