The Champion Experience

The Peoples Health Champion gets the full game day experience.

A Day to Remember

The Peoples Health Champions program breaks long-held stereotypes about the capacity of seniors. Our Champions do amazing things, so we honor them in a very special way. It all begins with a nomination and culminates with their big moment under bright lights on the Superdome field.


Once a person is nominated and selected to be a Champion, Peoples Health notifies them of their selection. An interview and video shoot follow, where we capture details about the Champion’s accomplishments and passions.


Each Champion is acknowledged during a New Orleans Saints home game. A limousine picks up the Champion and his or her guest and whisks them away to the Superdome, where they’re greeted by Peoples Health and Selection Committee representatives. A 60-second TV spot airs across Louisiana the week after the game.


The Champion is escorted to the field 30 minutes before kick-off, surrounded by the excitement of pre-game energy. When given the cue, the Champion takes his or her place on the 10-yard line, while a 90-second video of the Champion’s achievement is played at full volume on the big screens to 70,000 fans.


When the video ends, the Champions program director places an engraved medal around the Champion’s neck and a member of the Selection Committee presents the Champion with a personalized trophy. Every moment is captured on the big screens and as fans cheer and applaud, the Champion is honored with a once-in-a lifetime, magical moment.