Edwin Hampton 

On January 1, 2002, at age 73, Mr. Edwin Harrell Hampton led the St. Augustine High School “Marching 100” in the nationally acclaimed Tournament of Roses, the first time a marching band from New Orleans had ever participated in the parade.

Under Edwin’s 51 years of direction, the Marching 100 is now a model for other high school marching bands nationwide. Edwin pioneered the band’s signature show-band style – magnificent music with a brilliant display of astounding athletics, exquisite coordination and exciting surprises. His leadership has established a reputation for excellence, creativity and innovation that is now synonymous with the Purple Knights of St. Aug.

Marching 100 band members would likely agree that excellence doesn’t come easy. It’s earned – through experience. Even before the start of each school year, Edwin devotes hour upon hour, day-in day-out with the band – teaching, drilling and conditioning the band members mentally and physically. And once school starts, look out! Nationally revered, the Marching 100 are wildly popular with conventions held locally and several appearances a week are not uncommon.

Under Edwin’s direction, the band has established an impressive list of achievements including performances for eight Presidents, the Pope, five Super Bowls and in three motion pictures.

In addition to the pride and national recognition the St. Augustine Marching 100 has brought to New Orleanians, it has nurtured the growth, achievement and pride of countless young men through the unceasing devotion and ingenuity of a remarkable man – Mr. Edwin Harrell Hampton … your game nine Tenet Choices Champion.

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