Harold Meynier 

Shortly after the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, Harold Meynier, at the age of 84, called on New Orleans area businesses for donations of clothing and supplies to those affected by the bombing. His determination and tireless effort resulted in hundreds of boxes of donated goods that arrived in Oklahoma City within days, bringing aid to those in need along with the important message that others cared.

Caring and giving is what Harold Meynier is all about, and his Oklahoma City mobilization was not an isolated event. More than 15 years ago while in his 70s, Harold developed a system to collect unsold merchandise from local businesses that he would then distribute to those in need. His donated goods have included needed supplies like wheelchairs, children’s high chairs, food and clothing – and items to enhance our enjoyment of life such as bicycles, toys and holiday gifts. To this day, the system he created brings in valuable goods on a weekly basis for distribution to those in need, an operation that Harold coordinates from solicitation to delivery.

Harold Meynier, now age 92, remains a familiar, dependable face to many local charities, which have come to rely on his donations throughout the year, especially around major holidays. His donations have helped people of all ages and abilities – orphans, the mentally and physically challenged, nursing home residents and victims of tragedy , including families affected by the 9/11 World Trade Center bombing when Harold, at the age of 90, gathered over 50 boxes of clothing and delivered them the next day through a donated express mail service.

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