Ida Saik 

In 1993, at age 69, Ida Saik developed the Adopt A Cop program to improve relationships between citizens and the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office and to better equip the officers who protected her community.

Concerned about the safety and effectiveness of the police officers in her neighborhood, Ida listened diligently to her police radio scanner. In the process she recognized each officer and the difficult, dangerous job they faced each day. She was especially shocked to learn that due to inadequate resources, officers often spent their own money for basic equipment such as handcuffs, spotlights, vests and battery chargers. This was unacceptable to Ida, who created a new program to help the police officers – Adopt A Cop. In its first year, she solicited thousands of dollars from residents and local businesses to purchase these necessary supplies, which she presented to the officers at an honorary banquet.

Caring about people comes second nature to Ida Saik. After retiring from a lengthy career as a registered nurse, Ida turned her compassion to protecting the residents in her community. About 15 years ago she successfully mobilized her neighbors, politicians and law enforcement agencies to crack down on the drugs and crime that plagued her Westbank neighborhood, an effort that turned the area completely around. Think you can’t make a difference? Well, Ida Saik is here to tell you “think again.” On the tenth anniversary of Adopt A Cop, Ida Saik is still drumming up support for the brave officers who put their lives on the line for our protection. She has proved that you can make a difference in your community, and in your quality of life. Mrs. Ida Saik – your game four Tenet Choices Champion.

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