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Tom Benson

“I'm 83 years young and ready to win Super Bowl XLV.”

“I’m 83 years young and ready to win Super Bowl XLV.”

On February 7, 2010, at age 82, Tom Benson brought the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy home to the city of New Orleans. After 43 long years of yearning and heartbreak, the ever-faithful Saints fans savored their victory at Super Bowl XLIV.

For a population struggling to remain optimistic during times of unprecedented adversity, the impact of Tom’s achievement is impossible to overstate. Saints fans’ passion for their team is legendary, and nowhere in the nation will you find greater loyalty or support. Winning the Super Bowl boosted civic pride to a level higher than ever before. And no one was more responsible for this stunning achievement than Mr. Tom Benson.

It goes without saying that no one person can win a Super Bowl championship. It requires many people working together, coordinating their effort toward a singular goal. It takes a team — a team committed to success and to winning. Actually playing and winning a championship game is no less a challenge than building and guiding a team up to the task.

The brilliance of Tom Benson is evident in his team, our beloved New Orleans Saints. Tom brought decades of business and entrepreneurial experience to his leadership of the team; his understanding of people is second to none. Through a lifetime of experience, Tom has refined his ability to identify the qualities of success in others.

To build a winning football team, he needed to hire the right administrative team, the right coaches, the right players — hundreds of people working together, putting aside their own personal agendas for the benefit of a united goal. Like the conductor of an orchestra, Tom knows that one note out of tune will destroy the ensemble. So with cheers and gratitude, we say boogie-on, Mr. Benson!

Tom Benson… Peoples Health Champion.