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Blaine Kern

“I was 53 years old 30 years ago, and I am having more fun and am more creative than I’ve ever been in my life.”

“I was 53 years old 30 years ago, and I am having more fun and am more creative than I’ve ever been in my life.”

On October 31, 2008, at age 80, Blaine Kern, Sr. unveiled his campaign to establish New Orleans as America’s premier Halloween destination. Blaine saw a new opportunity for the magic and mystery of the Crescent City, already world-renowned for Mardi Gras, jazz, cuisine and more. With its ancient cemeteries, towering oaks and legends of ghosts and voodoo, New Orleans is the perfect setting for the world’s greatest Halloween party. And who better to transform Halloween into a three-day extravaganza than artist and businessman, “Mr. Mardi Gras” himself—Blaine Kern.

Blaine is a visionary, a man who sees opportunity everywhere he looks. Now, grounded by a lifetime of experience and success, Blaine’s ever-growing roster of projects has become more grandiose than ever before. His current projects include building a city within a city along the river in his beloved Algiers, putting hydrokinetic generators in the Mississippi River as a source of clean energy, rebuilding his river-spanning gondola introduced at the 1984 World’s Fair and of course, making New Orleans synonymous with Halloween.

Blaine’s vision for Halloween will connect many of our city’s seasonal favorites, such as Voodoo Fest, Boo at the Zoo and some of the world’s most elaborate (and scary!) haunted houses. Blaine’s Krewe of Halloween will complete the experience with celebrity vampires and ghouls at a Monster Bash and a “spooktacular” parade rolling through the “Boo Carre” and downtown New Orleans.

At age 83, Blaine is a high-powered bundle of energy and ambition with a daily schedule that would exhaust a teenager. Busier and more productive than ever before, Blaine truly shatters the myth that growing older means slowing down. And if you don’t believe us, ask him yourself… that is, if you can get him to slow down enough for you to catch up.

Blaine Kern… Peoples Health Champion.