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Jairo Álvarez-Botero

“At age 65, I was just getting started.”

“At age 65, I was just getting started.”

On March 10, 2008, at age 70, Jairo Álvarez-Botero published No Such Thing as Impossible: From Adversity to Triumph, a thrilling autobiographical account of his journey toward the American dream. Hailed for its powerful message of personal triumph, Jairo’s book has inspired thousands of readers to face adversity with strength and confidence.

The recipient of numerous awards and honors for his work, Jairo continues to share his message of hope with audiences throughout the world. Frequently requested as a motivational speaker at conferences and schools, Jairo donates all proceeds from his book sales and speaking engagements to childhood education programs in South America.

Jairo’s inspirational message was borne from his own life experience: what he faced, what he learned and how each new challenge gave him an opportunity to better prepare for the next. Not inclined toward self-pity or excessive introspection, Jairo enthusiastically advocates his “Triple A Formula” when faced with adversity: Accept the situation; Adapt as necessary; and finally, take Action to overcome the adverse situation. While the formula requires significant discipline and mental fortitude to follow, Jairo’s success in life is proof that it works. As an example, only 95 days after intensive prostate cancer surgery, Jairo participated in a cycling competition… and won the race.

Personal discipline and mental toughness are not conferred upon us in youth. These qualities must be attained. They are slowly, methodically developed through concentrated effort and sacrifice over years of life experience. Throughout his life, Jairo Álvarez-Botero has accepted full responsibility for his actions, and in his book he shares the joy and benefits of personal accountability. Now, more positive and optimistic than ever at age 73, his future has never looked brighter.

Jairo Álvarez-Botero… Peoples Health Champion.