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Myrtis Butzman

Myrtis Butzman

“Age? Forget about it…I never think about age at all.”

On May 17, 2007, at the age of 94, Myrtis Butzman completed 100 curls during a weight training session at her gym. That’s right… curls. Bicep curls. With weights. How many can you do? And you’re, um…how old?

Myrtis doesn’t like curls any more than you do, but they’re an essential part of the new training program she started 3 years ago (she’s been working out for 74 years and likes to vary her routine). Her 3-hour regimen involves a circuit of 14 different weight machines that include pull-ups, leg presses and stomach crunches…four days a week.

When she started this new circuit, Myrtis could complete only 10 repetitions on each machine.  After a few months, 10 became easy and she raised the bar to 25. Then 50. Late last year she got to 100 of everything…except those darned curls. Now Myrtis is ready to raise the bar once again (and no, we didn’t ask how high – we were already feeling quite inadequate, thank you very much).

Myrtis Butzman defies the notion that physical capacity declines as age increases. At age 94, she’s never been stronger.

Stop and think about that. Is it really possible to get stronger as you get older? The answer is yes… but Myrtis Butzman will tell you that it requires discipline and dedication. To maintain her optimal weight (125 lbs.) and energy level, Myrtis follows a very strict diet and activity regimen every day. She is willing to sacrifice ice cream (which she loves) and hours of TV if that’s what it takes to prevent “floppy arms” (which she abhors).

Myrtis Butzman is an inspiration for all of us – we can do anything we want as long as we’re willing to work for it.

Myrtis Butzman … Peoples Health Champion.