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JoPaul Steiner

JoPaul Steiner

“I’m 91 and I’m just getting started.”

In June 2001, at the age of 84, JoPaul Steiner established The Octogenarian Golf Teams of Louisiana, a group of athletes over the age of 80 who raise money for charities by competing in golf tournaments. Lest you think that beating a bunch of 80- or 90-year-olds might be easy, think again…

The Octogenarians (people age 80-90) evolved from another organization Mr. Steiner helped establish: the Louisiana Senior Olympics. While playing golf with friends, JoPaul had two important realizations: (1) younger players consistently underestimated the ability of people his age; and (2) significant amounts of money could be raised by betting on realization #1. Thus, The Octogenarians were formed.

Since their first tournament, JoPaul Steiner and his Octogenarians have played in over 300 golf tournaments for the benefit of more than 60 different Louisiana charities. Some players, like JoPaul, are now in their 90s. A few are in their late 70s – Apprentice Octogenarian according to their team shirts. At various golf tournaments, JoPaul approaches his youthful targets (called “flatbellies” by The Octogenarians) and asks if they care to wager against his team. If the younger team wins, they’ll double their money. If The Octogenarians win, the money goes to charity.

Over $600,000 later, JoPaul and his Octogenarians have no trouble finding young golfers eager to take what seems an easy bet.

JoPaul Steiner defines the concept that people get better with age and that life experience is the foundation for their greatest accomplishments. He uses his years and vitality to demonstrate that you’re never too old to improve your skills, to compete and to win.

Excellence through experience? We agree. And as long as it’s going to charity, we’ll gladly bet on JoPaul Steiner, Peoples Health Champion.