2005 Champions

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Stocker Fontelieu

“I would not be as busy as I am now if I had not done all that I have done.”

“I would not be as busy as I am now if I had not done all that I have done.”

In 2004, at the age of 81, Stocker Fontelieu acted in three successive motion pictures: an updated “Frankenstein,” Disney’s “Now You See It” and “Glory Road” with John Voight. And while completing three movie roles in one year is extraordinary in itself, it’s even more impressive when you consider the many offers he turned down that same year.

After years of acclaimed performances on stage and screen, Stocker is in the enviable position of being able to cherry-pick his roles, accepting only the parts he wants to do. His extensive movie credits include featured roles in “Angel Heart” with Robert De Niro and Brian de Palma’s “Obsession.”

Stocker started acting in 1946 after returning from WWII. “When MacArthur left the Philippines, he said, ‘I shall return.’ I had no idea he intended to take me with him.” Stocker was one of the few infantrymen from his division to survive both the Philippines and Okinawa campaigns. Next year will be his 60th in show business.

The applause never ends for this icon of the New Orleans theatre community, revered locally for his years of outstanding leadership at Le Petit Theatre de Vieux Carre. Last spring, he directed “The Golden Age” at Rivertown Repertory Theatre, an experience he considers one of the greatest in his career.

Stocker also relishes directing for the opportunity to influence young artists with big dreams. Since 1993 he has also helped aspiring actors through a Louisiana State Department of Education program that identifies gifted students.

Stocker juggles projects and performances with endless energy as actor, director and teacher. He is perpetually effervescent and seemingly ever-present on stages across the metro area. Stocker’s voice has gotten richer with age and may even be more recognizable than his face — both are highly coveted by advertising agencies to promote products ranging from soup to sofas.

Stocker’s schedule for 2006 already includes more movies, more commercials and more plays — including his direction of the Tony Award-winning play called “Art” … a most appropriate title for the man who says, “Every new performance is like a door opening to a new world.”

Stocker Fontelieu… Tenet Choices Champion.