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John T. Scott

John T. Scott

“At my age, my skills are finally coming together. I have mastered many different skills and I now know how to make them work together. I feel like I am now at my best.”

On June 2, 2005, at the age of 65, John T. Scott was simultaneously featured in New York and New Orleans art exhibits for his contributions to the aesthetics of abstract art.

While his artwork on display at the internationally recognized Heckscher Museum on Long Island was being described as “geometric purity” by the New York Times, his 200-piece exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art exemplified the depth and growth of his awesome talent.

Like other Tenet Choices Champions, John is reluctant to talk about his past accomplishments. The art that excites him most is the art he has yet to create. His newest project, entitled “Garden of Urban Delights,” will include a series of 4’ x 8’ woodcuts meticulously crafted by his deft touch … with a chainsaw.

John T. Scott. He’s one of those remarkable folks that exemplify New Orleans — vibrant and unique. Even if you’ve never had the privilege to meet him, you still know him. Anyone that’s spent any time in the Crescent City knows John from his art. From Tulane Law School Uptown to the DeSaix Circle in Gentilly to Woldenberg Park in the French Quarter, the art of John T. Scott can be found throughout the city.

Scott’s prestigious “Genius Grant” from the MacArthur Foundation enhanced his reputation internationally and got more people tuned into the message of his art.This is a good thing because as both artist and teacher, he has more to say now than ever before. And with his spirit woven deeply into the fabric of New Orleans, we are grateful that John T. Scott will help nurture and restore the unique culture of our beloved city.

John T. Scott… Tenet Choices Champion.