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Herbert P. Montalbano

“The right attitude is the right attitude, whether you’re 22 or 72.”

“The right attitude is the right attitude, whether you’re 22 or 72.”

In 2004, at the age of 72, Herbert P. Montalbano played in a basketball league against men decades younger than himself … and scored an incredible 52 points in one game.

Those 52 points included twelve (12!) 3-point shots. If you’re not familiar with basketball scoring, let’s just say that 52 points — and twelve 3-pointers — in one game — would be a dream come true for many NBA professionals. But Herb Montalbano is one of those guys who doesn’t really distinguish between dreams and reality. For Herb, today’s dream is tomorrow’s reality — he doesn’t see limitations because he simply doesn’t believe they exist.

Exceeding expectations is Herb’s status quo. People who know Herb will tell you they’ve come to expect that he’ll always do better than before. And that’s always been what Herb expects of himself. Driven by a fiercely competitive spirit and a lifetime love of basketball, Herb continues to press, playing in two leagues and trying to best his average of 19 points per game.

After serving in the U.S. Coast Guard, games were not an option. With a responsibility to his six children, Herb started his own advertising agency. He had little experience, just a refusal to accept defeat. His first office was his car and his first file cabinet was his trunk. Over thirty years later, his agency continues to thrive. Herb’s persistence, loyalty and drive have kept clients on for decades in a world where agencies can come and go. Exercise, eating right and having the right attitude have kept Herb sharp on the court and in the boardroom.

If you ask Herb, he’ll tell you that he’s in the business of creating miracles. It’s something he does for his clients and for his teammates — breaking through the stereotypes of age. Like so many other Champions, he is living proof that physical and mental ability can work together and make each stronger. He proves that through tireless drive, anything is achievable.

Herbert P. Montalbano… Tenet Choices Champion.