2018 Champions

Peaches Davis

Peaches Davis, 2018 Peoples Health Champion

“I’ve always wanted to be in the movies, but I didn’t get a chance until I was in my 70s.  Now I’m living my dream.”

On August 10, 2012 at age 80+, Peaches Davis debuted in her first credited speaking role in a major motion picture.  After countless hours as a background actor, Peaches now qualified for membership in the prestigious Screen Actors’ Guild.

Acting in the movies was a lifelong dream for Peaches, but she didn’t really start chasing that dream until retirement.  First she acted in stage productions and then, in her 70s as the film industry was taking off in Louisiana, Peaches started auditioning for the big screen.  She started winning roles and winning awards.

Not only does Peaches go to auditions in character, she goes in costume when she can.  A former seamstress, Peaches often creates her own wardrobe.  She even keeps a sewing machine in her camper for when filming involves extended days away from home.  Peaches has been sewing her own costumes since she was a 20-year-old, prepping for Halloween.

Childhood dreams have a way of slipping away when confronted by the realities of life.  But it was life experience that helped Peaches succeed in the movies.  If you pay attention as you go through your years, you gain the ability to see roles from different perspectives.  Now adapting to fit into character comes as second nature to Peaches.  For a person who’s been creating other characters for herself for over a half century, Peaches says she’s more creative now than she’s ever been.  You can see it in her hobbies.  When she’s not sewing or acting, golfing or traveling, you’ll probably find her painting – turning a blank canvas into scene with a story, just as she turns herself into someone else in front of a camera.

Creativity alone doesn’t bring success, though.  Peaches also credits the support of so many of the people she’s met along the way.  But to make the journey at all takes persistence.  At any given moment, Peaches is pursuing any number of roles.  You have to go after the parts you want.  With determination combined with talent Peaches has stepped out of the background and up to the Screen Actors’ Guild.  At over 85 years old, Peaches Davis is living her dream.

Peaches Davis … Peoples Health Champion.