Gayle Benson

On May 23, 2018, at age 71, Gayle Benson secured Super Bowl LVIII for the City of New Orleans.   It will be the 11th Super Bowl the Crescent City has hosted.

Owner of the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans, Mrs. Benson knows this win is not just about sports.  It’s about the economy of our region.  The last Super Bowl we hosted generated nearly $500 million in economic impact.

Of course, landing the 2024 Championship game was a team effort.  The Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation, the governor’s and mayor’s offices and others played their parts.  But this win exemplifies Mrs. Benson’s drive to help build better futures for people in our area.

An accomplished business person, Mrs. Benson believes that with success comes the responsibility to give back – to lift people up.   You can see that in her support of any number of causes ranging from fostering community to curing cancer.

From her previous 30-year career as owner of a design and renovation business to her 14 years working alongside her husband Tom Benson, Mrs. Benson has learned the value of experience.  She says it leads to confidence, and confidence brings success that much closer.

The Peoples Health Champions program celebrates excellence through experience – doing great things, not in spite of age, but because age and experience give us greater capacity to accomplish extraordinary things.   Gayle Benson keeps accomplishing extraordinary things.  That’s why we’re proud to honor Mrs. Benson as a Peoples Health Champion.

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