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Robert Claverie

“Every day I learn something new so I'm getting smarter all the time.”

“Every day I learn something new so I’m getting smarter all the time.”

On August 28, 2011, at age 67, Robert Claverie coordinated in anticipation of Hurricane Lee. On his largest effort to date, Robert led teams of volunteers through 20 of the city’s most vulnerable neighborhoods, clearing each area to minimize potential damage from the storm. Truckloads of trash were hauled from vacant lots and roadways, and storm drains were cleared of debris to prevent water from backing up into streets. Perfecting a system he initiated after Hurricane Katrina, Robert successfully helped to avert damage from Lee’s heavy rainfall.

Robert Claverie has long felt an intrinsic responsibility for the safety and well-being of his community, a passion that only deepens with each new year. Affectionately known as “Commander” among his dedicated volunteers, Robert has devoted his life to making our world a better place. Routine storm preparations were a logical extension of the cleanup activities he has regularly conducted for years throughout the New Orleans area. Robert is often seen touring his neighborhood, offering his assistance to anyone in need. When the assistance needed is more than he can handle himself, Robert reaches out to a growing pool of dedicated volunteers who share his passion for helping others.

With the assistance of his wife Ann, Robert maintains a daily routine that would exhaust the average teenager. The Claveries regularly prepare and deliver hot meals to homebound seniors, provide rides to medical appointments, change light bulbs, repair broken windows… and on and on. Robert accepts no payment for his services and usually taps his own savings to pay for needed supplies. Life experience has shown Robert the many rewards that come from giving. And if helping others is its own reward, Robert Claverie is a very rich man indeed.

Robert Claverie… Peoples Health Champion.