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Chris Owens

“I don't think about age. I'm too busy doing the things I love.”

“I don’t think about age. I’m too busy doing the things I love.”

On April 24, 2011, after the age of 65, Ms. Chris Owens welcomed thousands of revelers to the Chris Owens French Quarter Easter Parade. Launched in 1983 as a festive occasion for locals to showcase their fashionable finery and millinery wonders, the event grew increasingly popular over the years. Now featuring elaborate floats, live music and Easter-themed throws, this year’s parade confirmed the transformation from a local celebration to a bona-fide tourist destination.

Chris is committed to the health and vitality of New Orleans to no less a degree than she is to her own well-being. She established the Easter parade as a destination – an attraction for family members all over the country to come back home for the holidays. Exceptionally kind and generous, Chris embraces life as a celebration of love and sharing. That’s one explanation for the many thousands of fans and admirers she has earned over the years.

It is an understatement to call Chris Owens a living legend. Her name has been synonymous with Bourbon Street for decades and in 2006, she was inducted into the New Orleans Musical Legends Park with a life-size bronze statue created in her likeness. With a rich legacy of entertaining visitors at her French Quarter club, Chris appears to defy the concept of aging. Her songs, choreography and costumes are consistently vibrant and youthful, and audiences are captivated by her energy and exuberance.

How does she do it? In a word… discipline. Throughout the years, Chris has developed a work ethic that few of us could match. While her onstage performances appear effortless, they are the result of rigorous daily exercise, rehearsals and a strict vegetarian diet. If Chris has discovered a fountain of youth, it’s in the passion she brings to her work. Always moving forward and never looking back, Chris Owens is a dynamo in pursuit of perfection of her craft – and she’s having a ball at the same time.

Chris Owens… Peoples Health Champion.