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Dr. Richard Gonzalez

Dr. Richard Gonzalez

“I am 76 years old… I run one hour every morning. It keeps my mind clear for the rest of the day.”

On January 7, 2007, at the age of 74, Dr. Richard Gonzalez ran a marathon in the Middle Eastern metropolis of Dubai. This race was especially significant to Dr. Gonzalez–and not because it was his 95th marathon. By completing this race on the continent of Asia, Dr. Gonzalez had now run a marathon on every continent in the world.

Dr. Gonzalez, a professor emeritus teaching graduate-level chemical engineering at Tulane University, had always been avid about exercise. At age 57, he ran his first full marathon: the Chicago Marathon. He began registering for more marathons in the United States…and more increasingly on different continents.

With each race, Dr. Gonzalez became more adept at preparing himself, mentally and physically. At 26.2 miles, marathons are not for the weak. But they are not just about strength, either. Endurance is as mental as it is physical, requiring a certain mental clarity that keeps the body moving when a race gets tough. But Dr. Gonzalez, an expert in endurance, was equipped with the skills to keep his legs pounding and his brain alert. His discipline and good judgment made him a master of preparation. Preparation that helped him ensure a successful run… each and every time.

Aging, to Dr. Gonzalez, means being as productive as possible. Running satisfies his need to exercise both his body and his mind. It gives him time to mull over his professional work relatively undisturbed, and in turn, thinking about his work keeps his mind engaged through the marathons. And considering that he’s spent thousands of miles simultaneously strengthening his body and sharpening his mind, it’s no surprise that Dr. Gonzalez is already focused on and committed to achieving his next goal: running his 100th marathon.

Dr. Richard Gonzalez… Peoples Health Champion.