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Mignon Faget

Mignon Faget

“I have so many ideas that I haven’t tapped yet, I need to live at least 40 more years.”

In May of 2006, after the age of 65, Mignon Faget achieved a business milestone as she left the ranks of small business owners and welcomed the 100th employee to her growing business. While countless New Orleans area businesses were forced by Hurricane Katrina to close or reduce their size, Mignon Faget, Ltd., expanded operations to accommodate increased demand for Mignon’s elegant creations.

Since the day she opened her first store nearly forty years ago, Mignon has cultivated a remarkable relationship with her customers. Few business owners know the local market as well as Mignon and her work exemplifies the unique style and soul of New Orleans. It was through Mignon’s singular affinity with our region that her most successful creation was born: the Fleur de Lis Rebirth Pin. Hurricane Katrina was a deeply emotional experience for all New Orleanians, one that could not be communicated through words alone. Mignon Faget recognized an urgent need for expression and her Rebirth Pin communicated a silent but eloquent message of solidarity and hope. Over 17,000 pins were purchased and soon became a local and national symbol of perseverance, a symbol that was reinforced one year later, when Mignon introduced the Anniversary Amulet.

To accommodate the unprecedented demand for these pieces, Mignon expanded her business – she hired more employees and added a second shift. From sales of the pin and amulet, Mignon Faget presented the Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation with a donation of $150,000. For Mignon, growing her business is synonymous with growing the community.

For Mignon Faget, life experience has brought valuable business skills and market sense – what it is that people want. She finds herself increasingly thoughtful when designing her jewelry, carefully selecting which pieces will be created. … and bringing to life the ones that can inspire and nurture a community.

Mignon Faget… Peoples Health Champion.