2023 Champions

Dr. David Simmons

In August 2006, at age 67, Dr. David Simmons launched the Implant Restorative Fellowship program at the LSU School of Dentistry. The program is the first of its kind. It’s international in scope. And it has trained 24 fellows since its inception. 

Dr. Simmons spent 30 years as a practicing dentist, and has had a keen interest in dental implant technology since he first learned of it. After retiring from his dental practice, he did a stint at a biomedical firm that created implants, but education was his real future. He went to work part-time at LSU School of Dentistry. Soon he was full-time. And 20 years later, at age 84, he’s still teaching. 

The fellowship program he instituted at the school not only attracts students from around the world, but advances knowledge and technology through participation in clinical trials. The thing Dr. Simmons likes most about the program is the experience it gives to all who are in contact with it. Fellows, surgeons, technicians, students and others learn to work together. In doing so, the program builds an understanding that success – the point where patients benefit most – only comes through careful planning and teamwork.

 “We’re all a product of our past experiences,” he says. “I’m glad to bring those experiences into education to help the students.”

“We’re all a product of our past experiences. I’m glad to bring those experiences into education to help the students.”

Dr. David Simmons

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