2023 Champions

Don Haik

On November 9, 2023, at age 76, Don Haik led a fundraiser that garnered nearly $12,000 for veterans causes. Since he took the helm of the annual golf tournament in 2015, they’ve raised more than $86,000 to help veterans and first responders. 

Don’s a navy veteran. Service to greater causes is part of who he is. He’s also a golfer. He’s says he’s loved the game his whole life. After retiring from his career at a local university, he found that combining his drive to serve with his passion for the sport of golf came naturally. 

It’s a lot of work though. Don believes in face-to-face fundraising. He pounds the pavement, going door to door, business to business to find sponsors and auction items. Golfers too. He racks up thousands of miles on his car every year to make this one day a success — to make a difference for those who have served this country, those who put their own lives on the line.

 “I do it for love of my country and the love of the people who serve our country,” Don says. “No matter how much we collect or how little we collect, it goes to a great cause.” 

“You can’t do enough for the veterans,” he says. “Every little bit you can do for them, no matter how simple you might think it is. No matter how non important it is. It’s important.” 

The volunteer work Don’s doing for veterans? That work’s important. And it’s a shining example of “Excellence Through Experience.” 

I do it for love of my country and the love of the people who serve our country.

Don Haik

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