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Nick Mueller

On May 20, 2016, at age 76, Dr. Nick Mueller spoke at the Grand Chancellery in Paris, France, promoting a cause very dear to him: The National WWII Museum in New Orleans. He was in Paris to receive France’s highest award – the Legion of Honor medal – for his efforts to tell the stories of the war through the museum.

Mueller co-founded the museum, and it soon became a second career for him. His first was a 33-year stint as a professor of European history. With the insight of a seasoned educator, he says “the challenge is to bring [the stories of the war] down to a personal level.” Through his leadership, he succeeded.

He says he has “always been an organizer, a dreamer, pushing the frontiers of opportunities. Making opportunities.” By taking and creating opportunities to make the war relevant on a personal level for so many and to grow the museum so steadily, Mueller’s vision and efforts made the National WWII Museum into one of the world’s top museum destinations. It’s a shining jewel in New Orleans, but the lessens and stories it holds reach across oceans and continents.

For his vision and leadership, Peoples Health and the New Orleans Saints are honored to celebrate Dr. Nick Mueller as a Peoples Health Champion.

The challenge is to bring the stories of the war down to a personal level.

Nick Mueller

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