2021 Champions

Martine & Nathan Naquin

In October 2019, at ages 67 and 68, Martine and Nathan Naquin won their divisions in doubles tennis. And this wasn’t the 65+ category. They play in the 18 and older category, competing with people decades younger. 

The Naquins had always been active, but they didn’t start playing tennis at this level until their mid-60s. Now the tennis court and the gym are part of their daily lives. Literally. They go every day. And they say the stepped-up exercise schedule has made them feel stronger and healthier than they did when they were younger. Even the social aspects of the game and the gym are beneficial, they say.  

The experience that comes with age teaches a lot of things. It’s taught Martine and Nathan Naquin that this kind of fun may just be the best thing you can do for your health.

 And when they play, they inspire others to take exercise seriously. That’s what makes Martine and Nathan Naquin Peoples Health Champions.

“We feel stronger and healthier than we did when we were younger.”

Martine & Nathan Naquin

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