2020 Champions

Jan Ramsey

On July 15, 2019, at age 68, Jan Ramsey debuted a new music video series – a collaboration between her internationally acclaimed music magazine and a leading university in New Orleans. 

The series showcases Louisiana talent ranging from emerging artists to well-known musicians. The videos give the performers an international stage.  And they give the students that stage too – with published credit for their work, delivered to music lovers around the world.  “It helps the musicians and artists,” says Ramsey. But more than that: “At the end, it helps the entire community.”

Ms. Ramsey launched her magazine over 30 years ago, and she’s been an advocate for the musical culture and culture-bearers of New Orleans and Louisiana ever since.  Her success stems from her engagement with that culture, with her ability to move with it, learn from it and see where it’s going on its ever-changing journey.  And she is fearless in the face of change – always ready to try something new, guided by a lifetime of lessons learned. 

This video series partnership is just one in countless examples of how Jan Ramsey has used her life experience to advance the cultural economy of New Orleans and Louisiana.  Peoples Health and the New Orleans Saints are proud to recognize Ms. Ramsey as a Peoples Health Champion.

“It helps the musicians and artists … At the end, it helps the entire community.”

Jan Ramsey

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