2017 Champions

Dolores Jeandron

“I used to never tell my age but now that I’ve reached 85, I am proud of it.”

“I used to never tell my age but now that I’ve reached 85, I am proud of it.”

On November 12, 2016, at age 85, Dolores Jeandron completed her first 10K race. In fact, this was her first official foot race ever, and she did it almost on a whim—on a friend’s suggestion. She didn’t even train for it. But she’s been active all her life.

Dolores is no stranger to exercise or competition. She loved sports as a child, playing basketball, softball, baseball, volleyball—pretty much everything. Seven years ago, she started competing in the Senior Olympic Games. Since then she’s won more than 60 medals.

With a calendar that’s probably more packed than people a quarter of her age, Dolores keeps a regular schedule of exercise classes, line and ballroom dancing, and even yardwork—all keeping her in shape for the things she enjoys. Some of her days start with sports at 8:30 in the morning and end at 10 at night after hours of dancing. Her energy seems boundless.

When she was younger, Dolores would quip: “Age is just a number and mine’s unlisted.” Now she says, “I’m 85 years old and I’m proud of it.” What does Dolores love about this time in her life? She loves the freedom she has now, and she says she’s “happy to have the body and the strength to get up and go.” That’s no accident. Dolores keeps herself in shape and keeps herself open to new things—like the next race.

Dolores Jeandron … Peoples Health Champion.