2015 Champions

Hazel Addison

“I’m 87 and the secret to staying young is dancing.”

“I’m 87 and the secret to staying young is dancing.”

On October 4, 2013, at the age of 85, Hazel Addison out-performed a dance floor full of competitors to win first place in the Intergenerational Jitterbug Competition at the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown in downtown New Orleans. Working the floor with a dance partner half her age, Hazel wowed the crowd with moves she has practiced over decades of swinging to the sounds of big band legends.

Hazel has enjoyed dancing for as long as she can remember. Especially fond of the big band era, she conducted extensive research on the many varieties of swing, including New Orleans’ unique form of the Lindy Hop called the Jamaica Swing.

In fact, Hazel became so determined to ensure the survival of this local dance that in 1984 she founded the first Jamaica Swing Club in New Orleans, a club that continues to this day. Her passion for dance has led to her ongoing promotion of swing and ensuring that New Orleans’ contribution to the history of dance will live on.

Increasingly aware of the many health benefits attainable through dance – both physical and mental – Hazel has become a tireless advocate for getting folks of all ages out onto the dance floor. Through decades of dance, Hazel has developed an understanding of how her body responds to certain moves and other intricate details involving the relationship between dance and the human body. Hazel always knew that swing dancing gave her an enhanced sense of well-being, and after decades of experience, she has also developed a keen understanding of the physical benefits. In defiance of conventional wisdom toward aging, the knowledge she has earned through years of experience has given her the ability to build strength and enhance flexibility. Living proof that dancing can keep you young and healthy, Hazel continues inspiring others to get out on the floor – and dance!

Hazel Addison … Peoples Health Champion.