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Phillip Sage

“I'm 70 years old, and it's important to love what you are doing and stay focused on it.”

“I’m 70 years old, and it’s important to love what you are doing and stay focused on it.”

On April 25, 2012, at the age of 70, Phillip Sage perfected a process to remove mold from fine art etchings printed on even the most fragile types of paper. Until then, removing mold required a harsh chemical bath that could damage delicate paper stock, such as rice paper. But to the delight of Gulf Coast collectors who held onto cherished pieces stained by mold following hurricanes and floods, Phillip’s new process can restore their art without fear of damage. Using high-density paper to support delicate prints, he raises them to the surface of a specially prepared bath at a painstakingly slow pace, which keeps the precious design intact and vibrant.

Nationally recognized and locally beloved for decades of brilliant etchings and prints, Phillip recognizes the spiritual power of art and how emotionally attached we can become to our favorite pieces. Since Hurricane Katrina, he has used his technical prowess with copperplate etching to lift the spirits of hundreds of art lovers, bolstering their strength through a dark moment in the region’s history.

From a young age, Phillip demonstrated an innate talent for drawing, but he could never have accomplished his post-Katrina goals without cultivating the astounding knowledge of design, process and materials he has today. Phillip originally launched his art restoration business in 2005 by repairing a series of prints for a family whose property – including photo albums, art and other irreplaceable objects – had been decimated by the storm.

Today, Phillip continues to channel his talent for printmaking and his love for fine paper into a mission to provide affordable conservation services for collectors of art produced by himself and other master printmakers. A zealous entrepreneur, Phillip also prints original designs in the Tangipahoa Parish farmhouse studio he built by hand 22 years ago. His love for regional landscapes and culture continues to fuel his creativity, resulting in gorgeous designs destined for the walls of Louisiana lovers everywhere.

Phillip Sage… Peoples Health Champion.