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Dick Findlay

“I enjoy running… and hope everyone else can keep up.”

“I enjoy running… and hope everyone else can keep up.”

On August 18, 2009 at the age of 87, runner Dick Findlay took 1st place for his group at the Baton Rouge Corporate Cup. In recognition of his inspirational, continually growing record of achievement, Dick was presented with the race’s first ever “Oldie but Goodie” award. And true to character, Dick’s first response was “Wow… I didn’t realize I was that old!”

Dick’s dedication to running grew from a lifelong commitment to good health, both mental and physical. Physically active throughout his life, he only picked up running at the age of 59. Highly motivated and naturally competitive, Dick soon entered (and won) his first race. He has since run more than 300 races in the past 25 years, invariably taking top honors for his age group. And if you’re not feeling sufficiently inadequate yet, you should know that Dick ran his first marathon at age 72.

Dick Findlay insists that you truly do not have to slow down with age. At 87, he regularly competes in races. Even after quadruple bypass surgery, he was back running only a month later. “Surgeries and illness don’t have to stop you from being active,” says Dick. “We all have to overcome adversity throughout our lives. This is no different.”

Discipline, stamina and fortitude are not qualities granted us at birth. Rather, they are earned through life experience. Everyone will experience highs and lows in their life, but our willingness to learn and grow from these experiences will determine the strength of our character. In addition to running almost every day, Dick Findlay volunteers more than 30 hours each week at his local hospital and food bank. At age 87, he has clearly mastered the lessons of life.

Dick Findlay… Peoples Health Champion.