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Ruby Minor Jones

Ruby Minor Jones

“Being older is a blessing. The enhanced appreciation of life that comes with age is a precious gift. There is so much I want to do!”

On August 28, 2005, at the age of 67, Ms. Ruby Minor Jones went to work. At least that’s how she describes the decision she made that day. But while the last few evacuees fled away from the city as Hurricane Katrina struck, Ruby went the other way – and drove to the heart of New Orleans to provide some comfort and reassurance to the terminally ill hospice residents sheltered at Lindy Boggs Medical Center. Though her family pleaded with her to evacuate before it was too late, Ruby felt compelled to be with the people who needed her most.

Supported by years of experience, Rudy Minor Jones developed a confidence that, combined with a selfless passion to give, has nurtured the devoted and caring nurse we all hope to have by our side in a time of need.

Ruby faced a relentless and exhausting series of challenges from the moment she arrived at the hospital until her eventual evacuation. If you’d like to read more about her Katrina experience, pick up a copy of the July 10 issue of Newsweek. You’ll find a photo of Ruby on the cover (standing next to Brad Pitt), where she is recognized as one of “15 People Who Make America Great.” Not surprisingly, Ms. Jones downplays the significance of her award and cites the countless acts of heroism performed by so many others in the days following Katrina.

Ironically, Ruby started her nursing career in obstetrics, helping to bring new lives into the world. And now, as a hospice nurse, she is focused on easing the transition of those in their last days of life.

As a mother, a nurse and a friend to so many, Ruby exudes a strength that is at once confident and calm, joyous and serene, powerful and reassuring. It is a strength earned through life experience.

Ruby Minor Jones … Peoples Health Champion.