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Freddie Pincus

Freddie Pincus

“I’ve always viewed old age as a good thing. I know better now how I can make a difference, and there’s so much more I can do now than then.”

In 1999, at the age of 75, Clara “Freddie” Pincus initiated a hurricane evacuation plan for the residents of New Orleans area nursing homes – a plan that would become part of the disaster plan for the State of Louisiana in 2001.

Concerned by the scores of nursing home residents left unprepared for the devastation of Hurricane George in 1998, Freddie was determined to do whatever she could to protect this frail and elderly population from future storms. Without delay she organized a committee of nursing home representatives and charged the group with developing an action plan for the prompt and efficient evacuation of nursing home residents.

Under Freddie’s leadership, the committee drafted a comprehensive plan that defined the procedures for nursing homes to follow in the event of an evacuation. From mandated contracts with transport services to defining the number of exits a nursing home needed to evacuate staff, residents and supplies, Freddie’s committee was determined to address all contingencies.

The final plan was put to the test during a citywide trial-run evacuation in July of 2000. Freddie stood in the command center and watched as one-by-one the nursing homes were given the order to evacuate, and her carefully laid plans were set into motion. The test results were impressive and conclusive, and the plan established by Freddie’s team was officially adopted by the state.

Freddie Pincus has devoted much of her life to helping those in need, especially seniors. Now a senior herself, Freddie’s rich life experience has made her an even more effective advocate for the rights and needs of nursing home residents. In addition to serving on the Alzheimer’s Association and Louisiana Guardianship Program boards, she is currently Vice President of the Advocacy Center, a group that services the frail elderly and disabled. Now 80, Freddie still finds time in her busy schedule to supervise the staff and volunteers of The Vieux Carre Property Owners, Residents and Associates organization, where she regularly appears before the City Planning Commission and New Orleans City Council to champion the preservation of our historical treasures. Champion – that pretty much defines Freddie Pincus… a Tenet Choices Champion.