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Ernie Vincent

“At 73 years old, I recognize that innovation keeps music fresh and exciting.”

“At 73 years old, I recognize that innovation keeps music fresh and exciting.”

On April 30, 2013, at the age of 73, world-renowned musician Ernie Vincent published an insightful review of New Orleans cultural history. Communicated through musical recordings, descriptive text and photos, Ernie’s release of The Kolab Kollection offers an unprecedented look into the evolution of contemporary Southern funk, blues and R&B. Ernie drew upon his years of experience composing, performing and recording to curate this collection of musical milestones.

Since the day he built his first guitar at age 19, Ernie has devoted himself to mastery of local and regional genres and playing styles. Subsequent decades of concert tours and performances have given him a unique perspective on the way these genres and styles continue to grow and develop new forms of musical expression, a perspective heightened through the private sessions he conducted every year.

Ernie’s private sessions were informal gatherings of musicians who performed new songs that Ernie recorded for posterity. After years of studying musical trends, however, and noting the changes in his own style over time, Ernie went back to his private recordings and had a revelation – those old recordings gave a behind-the-scenes view into the evolution of New Orleans music.

On The Kolab Kollection, Ernie presents a series of songs that illustrate a captivating journey of music from the 1970s through the 1990s. Through life experience, he has learned that innovation and breaking new ground is essential for the vitality and relevance of our musical future. A well-composed piece of music can be a treasure for generations to enjoy, but it also serves as a paving stone for the next artist’s creative path. Ernie’s years of experience as a musician and performer have demonstrated that music cannot be static, it must always evolve, change and challenge. He understands that music is a personal expression and as our world evolves, so must our music.

Ernie Vincent … Peoples Health Champion.